About Greeks For Good

We Greeks take pride in the plethora of charitable organizations we support. Each year, we raise millions of dollars for causes that make this world a better place. It's who we are. We're philanthropic and we're proud of it. But... what if we could do better?

The Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values and has created Greeks for Good, a collaborative grassroots fundraising platform that mobilizes members of fraternal organizations to do a good thing for their causes, their organizations, and themselves, all while learning about the benefits of a life filled with philanthropic giving.
Through personal fundraising pages, participants are able to raise funds for their selected causes in conjunction with activities such as achieving personal athletic goals, participating in individual or chapter philanthropy events, paying tribute to others whom they admire, giving up things in their personal lives and AFLV Service Immersion experiences. As participants reach milestones along their personal journey, they receive a self-guided philanthropy curriculum; a curriculum we hope will create many lifelong philanthropists within the fraternal community. 
Through the Greeks for Good program each participant has the ability to:
  • Select a cause for which to raise funds
  • Set up a customized personal fundraising page
  • Upload personal contacts to whom donation emails can be sent
  • Send Greeks for Good branded emails to contacts asking for donations
  • Accept donations through the personal fundraising page
  • Track and analyze fundraising progress
  • Thank donors
  • Share progress through social media outlets
Take a look at the program's goals.
Why Greeks for Good? Issues Within Greek Philanthropy That Have Led to the Development of the Program

Who Can Participate?

Greeks for Good enables you, your chapter, your campus Greek community, or your Inter/National organization to get involved. There are different benefits and costs associated with how you choose to participate. 
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Ways To Participate

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Greeks for Good is a curriculum-based experience. As participants register and progress through the program, a self-guided curriculum provides each participant with an opportunity to learn about a variety of important topics revolved around philanthropy.  Greeks for Good "challenges" are included within each curriculum email that is delivered to the participant.
Topics include:
  • What is philanthropy?
  • Connecting with your cause
  • Why it's important to give to your fraternal organization's foundation
  • Why it's important to give to you college or university
  • Personal goal setting
  • Paying it forward

The Greeks for Good Manifesto