AFLV Service Immersion

The Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values’ service immersion experiences bring together fraternity and sorority student leaders from around the country in a week of service, immersion, cultural exploration, and values development in developing countries as well as domestic locations.

Greeks for Good participants have the opportunity to raise the necessary funds for their trip through the Greeks for Good program. Our goal is to provide participants with a tool that makes fundraising for the trip easy.


How to Get Started:

  1. Register for an AFLV service immersion experience.
  2. Register for Greeks for Good and set up your personal fundraising page.
  3. Upload your contacts and send a fundraising email to your potential donors.
  4. Share your story on your social networks.
  5. Prepare for your service learning experience.
  6. Thank your donors.
  7. Enjoy your service learning experience.  We’ll take care of applying your dollars raised to your trip.

AFLV Service Immersion Experiences:

  • San Salvador, El Salvador
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • Honduras

Fundraise for a Trip

A Few Quotes From Participants

"We all have customs that we are comfortable with and deviating from those customs if often difficult or awkward for us. Most of us have friends and family that we are comfortable, and going on an immersion trip or alternative break truly questions all aspects of our life. After attending the AFLVs Immersion Trip, I can confidently say that I can more easily question the status quo. It helped me think about how I talked with my peers and how I was speaking with people I did not even know. I recognized and learned about the culture I was visiting as well as my own culture. I felt comfortable and encouraged to be myself in a group of peers whether I was being the chirpy morning person, contemplating and reflecting about my day or if I was sick after accidently getting some water in my system."

"Going on an immersion trip or alternative break was one of the most eye-opening and amazing experiences I could have asked for. It has allowed me to be a better member of my family, brother in my fraternity, friend and student. It has given me comfort to know that there are individuals spread across the United States that I know I could call for help without hesitation. It has motivated me to challenge the status quo and dream of the impossible."