Team Greeks for Good


Team Greeks for Good is our charity athletic program dedicated to those who are committed to raising funds for a good cause while challenging themselves to achieve an athletic goal. Whether you have a goal of running a marathon, 5K, triathlon or completing any other athletic challenge, raising funds in conjunction with your training will make achieving your goal that much more meaningful.  The athletic goal is up to you, we just provide you with the opportunity and encouragement along the way to make a positive difference.

How to Get Started:

  1. Register for Greeks for Good, select your cause and set up your personal fundraising page.
  2. Sign up for an athletic event that you’d like to compete in or create your own athletic challenge.
  3. Upload your contacts and send a fundraising email to your potential donors.
  4. Share your story on your social networks.
  5. Train for your event.
  6. Complete your athletic event.
  7. Thank your donors.
  8. Celebrate your success.  We’ll take care of sending your dollars raised to your cause.

Athletic Event Ideas:

  • Run a marathon, half marathon, 10K, 5K or any running event
  • Participate in a Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash or any obstacle event
  • Take on a swimming challenge
  • Ride a century ride (100 miles), half-century ride or any other cycling event
  • Train for a triathlon or duathlon.
  • Walk in a charity walk or tour your city via foot
  • Create a challenge that allows you to golf, bowl, ball, bat, throw or any other athletic activity

Get creative, challenge yourself and have fun.  Want to have more fun? Grab a buddy and achieve your goal as a team.