Tribute Pages


A tribute can be defined as a declaration or other acknowledgment of gratitude, respect, or admiration. We all have special people in our lives that we would like to honor. Along the same lines, we all have opportunities to pay tribute to a cause by giving up something in our personal lives. The Greeks for Good platform enables you or your members to raise funds while honoring somebody else or giving up something in your life for a cause.  

Tribute Pages Are Great For:

  • Memorials - Honor a special person who has passed.
  • Dedications - Dedicate a page to someone who has done something great.
  • Birthdays - Ask your friends and family to donate to your cause in lieu of gifts.
  • Weddings - Ask your guests to donate to your cause in lieu of a gift.
  • Anniversaries - Ask your friends and family to donate to your cause to help celebrate your anniversary.

How to Get Started:

  1. Determine what you will use your tribute for and register for Greeks for Good. Include a story about why you are creating the page.
  2. Upload your contacts and send a fundraising email to your potential donors.
  3. Share your tribute page on your social networks.
  4. Thank your donors.
  5. Celebrate your success.  We’ll take care of sending your dollars raised to your cause.

Be creative with your tributes and find special way to recognize those who support you along the way. If you’d like, plan or participate in a philanthropy event or complete an athletic goal in conjunction with your tribute.