Greek Communities


  • Having the ability to showcase exactly how much your Greek community raises for good causes each year through philanthropic endeavors.
  • Every Greek student on your campus with his/her own personal fundraising page that allows him/her to effectively raise funds for a desired cause.
  • Having a fundraising tool to use for individual, chapter or Greek-wide philanthropy events.
  • Your community raising more funds for great causes and the positive relationships that will be cultivated between your community and its causes.
  • Your community opening up a completely new pool of potential donors to the causes it supports through the personal networks of each Greek member.
  • Having the ability to identify the individuals and chapters within your community that have the most philanthropic success.
  • The many positive stories of individuals and chapters succeeding with philanthropy that your Greek community will uncover.
  • The funds raised by each individual and chapter on your campus being delivered to the correct place.
  • Each member of the Greek community receiving educational emails during their fundraising efforts that teach them about the importance of philanthropy.
  • The positive interaction potential donors will have with your Greek community.
  • Greek members on your campus raising funds for great causes in conjunction with completing athletic goals, philanthropy events, paying tribute to others whom they admire, giving up things in their personal life or serving the community.
  • Your community becoming a hub for philanthropic success.

That’s what Greeks for Good is!

What Your Campus Receives:

  • Customized Greeks for Good website
    Greeks for Good is powered by DonorDrive, a powerful peer-to-peer fundraising solution that makes raising money for a cause simple. The DonorDrive fundraising software is embedded into a customized website for your community. This website is tailored to your community’s brand, becomes the go-to-place for your members to raise funds for their charity partners and allows your community to keep track of philanthropy dollars raised.
  • Self-guided philanthropy curriculum 
    Greeks for Good participants receive educational emails as they are fundraising that teach them about philanthropy. When your campus participates, it has the ability to customize the curriculum.

How Much Does It Cost?

Option #1 - A Greeks for Good website tailored specifically for your community

Providing a customized Greeks for Good fundraising website to your entire Greek community costs $1.00/undergraduate Greek member annually with a minimum cost of $1,750 and maximum costs of $5,000.  Alumni/Alumnae of your Greek community can participate as well.  

Donations received are subject to a fee of 6% + 20 cents/donation.  Broken down this is:

  • Fundraising software - 5.5%
  • Credit card fee = .5% + 20 cents/donation


Option #2 - A space for your community to fundraise within the Greeks for Good website

$0 upfront costs to the community.

Donations received are subject to a fee of 8.5% + 20 cents/donation.  Broken down this is:

  • Fundraising software - 5.5%
  • Credit card fee = .5% + 20 cents/donation
  • Greeks for Good fee = 2.5%


Let's Get Started!