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How Can My Chapter Participate?

We Greeks are philanthropic and chapters across the world do many great things in terms of philanthropy. We want to help your chapter take its philanthropic activity to the next level. Greeks for Good allows any chapter of a fraternal organization to participate. 

Through the Greeks for Good program each member of your chapter has the ability to:

  • Select a cause to raise funds for (Each member can choose a cause important to him/her)
  • Join your chapter's team and setup a customized personal fundraising page
  • Upload personal contacts to send donation emails to
  • Send emails to contacts asking for donations
  • Accept donations through the personal fundraising page
  • Track and analyze fundraising progress
  • Thank donors
  • Share progress through social media outlets
  • Learn about philanthropy along the way

View an example chapter using Greeks for Good here.

Chapter benefits include:

  • Delivery of funds to your causes
    Greeks for Good will grant the dollars raised by your members to their selected charities.
  • The ability to track your chapters cumulative philanthropic activity
    Knowing exactly how much your members are raising through philanthropic activities is a powerful tool for sharing your chapter's story with others.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no upfront registration fee for a chapter to use Greeks for Good.

Donations received are subject to a fee of 8% + 20 cents/donation.  Broken down this is:

  • Fundraising software fee - 5.5%
  • Credit card fee = .5% + 20 cents/donation
  • Greeks for Good fee - 2.0%

Raising Funds In Conjunction With Activities

Members of your chapter can utilize Greeks for Good to raise funds for a cause in conjunction with any type of activity.  A few popular examples are: accomplishing a personal athletic goal, individual or chapter philanthropy events, paying tribute to others, giving up things in your personal life, or taking part in an AFLV service immersion experience.  Each member of your chapter who participates will receive email-based philanthropy curriculum along the way; a curriculum that we hope will create many lifelong philanthropists within the fraternal community. We will also challenge your members to accomplish specific things that are related to philanthropy.
Click on any of the icons below to learn more about a few examples of activities to do in conjunction with your fundraising effort.


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