Fraternity/Sorority Foundations


  • Enlarging your fundraising staff by mobilizing your members to raise funds for you.
  • Having the ability to showcase exactly how much members of your organization raise each year for your foundation and charity partner.
  • Every one of your members with his/her personal fundraising page that allows him/her to effectively raise funds for your foundation and your organization’s partner charity.
  • Your members having an online fundraising tool to use for individual or chapter philanthropy events – A tool that would allow each member to send donation emails to his/her personal networks, encourage the sharing of progress on social media platforms, facilitate donations, send e-receipts and thank you notes to donors and track progress.
  • Your organization raising more funds for your partner charity and the positive relationship that will be cultivated between your organization and that cause.
  • Your organization opening up a completely new pool of potential donors to your foundation and its partner charity through the personal networks of each member.
  • Having the ability to identify the individuals and chapters within your organization that have the most philanthropic success and utilize them to further your foundation’s good work.
  • The many positive stories of individuals and chapters succeeding with philanthropy that your organization will be able to uncover and share with its constituents.
  • The philanthropic dollars raised by each individual and chapter within your organization being delivered to the correct place.
  • Increasing the percentage of undergraduates that both give to your foundation and raise funds for your foundation.
  • Members of your organization receiving educational emails during their fundraising efforts that teach them about the importance of philanthropy, how to connect with your partner charity and why it’s important to support your foundation.
  • The positive interaction potential donors will have with organization through the efforts of your members.

That’s what Greeks for Good is and can help your foundation accomplish.

What Your Organization Receives:

  • Customized Greeks for Good website
    Greeks for Good is powered by DonorDrive, a powerful peer-to-peer fundraising solution that makes raising money for a cause simple. The DonorDrive fundraising software is embedded into a customized website for your organization. This website is tailored to your organization’s brand and becomes the go-to-place for your members to raise funds for your foundation and charity partner.

    Your Greeks for Good platform can be setup to allocate dollars raised to your foundation and charity partner(s).  For example:
    • 50% of funds raised benefit your foundation
    • 50% of funds raised benefit your charity partner
  • Self-guided philanthropy curriculum 
    Greeks for Good participants receive educational emails as they are fundraising that teach them about philanthropy. When your organization participates, it has the ability to customize the curriculum. For example, participants could receive an email that discusses what your foundation does and the importance of giving to it. We'll also challenge each participant to make a gift to your foundation along the way. Many of these gifts will be from first time donors.
  • Open up a new donor pool for your organization
    Grassroots fundraising gives your organization access to a new donor pool, the personal networks of participants. Nearly 75% of your members donors will not be members of your organization, allowing your organization to reach a broader audience.

How Much Does It Cost?

Providing a customized Greeks for Good fundraising platform (website) to your entire organization costs $1.00/undergraduate member annually with a minimum cost of $2,500 and maximum costs of $10,000. Alumni/Alumnae can participate as well. 

Donations received are subject to a fee of 6% + 20 cents/donation. The Greeks for Good program does not benefit from these fees. Broken down this is:

  • Fundraising software (DonorDrive) - 5.5%
  • Credit card fee = .5% + 20 cents/donation


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